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Our 8-Week Boot Camp Will Teach You Everything You Need to Start an Exciting Career in Technical Presales
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Are You Experiencing Any of the Following in Your Career?

Feeling Trapped in a Boring Job

Low Earning Potential

Believing Your Efforts are Meaningless

Lack of Engagement

As a Presales Engineer You Could Enjoy

High Earning Potential

With average salaries for Presales Engineers ranging between $84,000 to $160,000 you can finally be in an industry where you are compensated fairly for the value you add to an organization.


Day to Day Variety

A presales engineer’s day is a dynamic blend of technical problem-solving, customer interactions, and strategic collaboration. Every day is a new chapter. From technical exploration to market research, you’re on a perpetual quest for knowledge.

Making a Difference

You’re the trusted advisor for potential clients. Your deep understanding of your company’s value proposition and the ability to address customer pain points allow you to shape solutions that truly impact their success.

How Do I Start This Journey?

Apply to the Program

We’ll schedule a quick intro call, answer any questions and make sure our program is right for you. TWA is trying If we don’t think presales is right for you won’t let you waste a penny on this program.

Complete the Course

Our combination of live classes and asynchronous lessons and activity will teach you all about presales engineering, how this role functions alongside other key tech roles, and how to give world-class demos.

Personalized Job Coaching

Learn from actual presales hiring managers how to land and ace an interview and get hired ahead of experienced PSEs.

Why Should You Trust Our Program?

Nick Higgins’ career journey is a testament to adaptability and transferable skills. Starting in the nonprofit sector, he spent a decade leading youth programs before venturing into sales for five years and then teaching high school marketing. A chance encounter with a former college roommate led him to the uncharted territory of Presales. Nick’s diverse skill set, combined with his enthusiasm for technology, quickly propelled him to success. Within just six months, he won a demo competition and not long after joined Tayla Fazio’s Solutions Engineering team, earning a promotion to Presales Manager within his first year. Nick’s story exemplifies how anyone can leverage their existing skills to excel in the tech industry, particularly in the dynamic field of Presales Engineering. Seriously, we can’t ephasize enough that if Nick can do this, almost ANYBODY can!

Tayla Fazio is no stranger to taking the road less traveled. After taking a break both before and during her college journey, she still managed to graduate and secure an internship at Workiva. Keeping an eye out for the perfect fit, Tayla explored various roles throughout her 11-year tech career, gaining a deep understanding of the different functions within SaaS companies. Her journey eventually led her to Presales Engineering, where she climbed the ranks to become a Senior PSE and later a Manager of Presales Solutions Engineering. Known for her ability to spot talent from unconventional backgrounds, Tayla has a knack for training individuals to become top performers in the presales arena and is widely known as one of the premier technical enablement practitioners in her organization.

Technical Winners Academy was established by Tayla and Nick with the goal of empowering individuals to harness their diverse and transferable skills and seamlessly transition into the dynamic realm of Presales Engineering. It was created to make a career in tech accessible to anybody. Their combined expertise, passion for learning, and dedication to technical presales enablement form the cornerstone of this initiative

Want to Know More About Presales Engineering?

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Feeling stuck in a career rut? Do you crave a job that challenges you intellectually, allows you to build meaningful relationships, offers endless growth opportunities, and the income you’ve always dreamed of? Look no further than Presales Engineering! This dynamic field might be the hidden key to unlocking your full professional potential. This eBook will help you understand how you can leverage your pre-existing skills and transfer them to an exciting career in tech as a Presales Engineer.


There are questions burning a hole in mind right now, isn’t there? Let’s get some of the most commonly asked questions out of the way!

What Separates You From the Other Presales Bootcamps?

Great question! While there are some other great training programs for aspiring Presales Engineers, Technical Winners Academy is proudly created by and operated by active Presales leaders who did not come from any of the traditional tech backgrounds associated with Presales. Despite their non-traditional paths they’ve both managed to find success in this field at more than one company. Stated another way, they’ve actually practiced what they will preach to our students. This is why you can be confident that our methods work! In addition, Tayla and Nick have personally both recently hired, trained and onboarded Presales Engineers who did not come from tech backgrounds. They are not pitching pie-in-the-sky theories here, they are literally teaching what they have found to be successful in building world-class Presales Engineers. 

How Much is this Bootcamp?

The current price is $2,500, which includes all lifetime access to the training and materials, continued career coaching, and access to the TWA community. While some training programs charge elaborate prices based on the income of your first PSE job, we want to keep it simple and transparent.

What Will I Get Out of This Bootcamp?
  • Live group class instruction and activities
  • A full end-to-end understanding of the various roles within tech and how Presales Engineering interacts with each of them
  • Comprehensive training on how to conduct discovery calls and how to take the information you learn and build a world-class demo
  • The latest and most up-to-date training methods on how to demo like a rock star
  • Hands-on coaching by actual active hiring managers for how to find the right roles, prepare for interviews, and separate yourself from other candidates
  • Continued support in your career transition after the course ends
  • A certificate of completion from Technical Winners Academy